Who are the BigSheep heroes?

BigSheep gang are cute sheep who are a mutual friends and always find themselves in some kind of adventure. They love to explore and learn new things. They just don’t run out of ideas as they are curious, exuberant, and sometimes a little naughty.

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Main character


Hi, my name is Timi. I'm very curious and interested in many things. I like to do every job and I always like to help my friends. I'm happy, I like to read a lot and I'm an adventurer. I also like to joke around and hang out with my friends.


Bookworm Timi

Story of..


Timi in nature

Walk across the meadow.

Astronaut Timi

Lost in space.

Scientist Timi

Atoms and molecules.

Good night Timi

Moon and star.

Observer Timi

Timi's first telescope.

BigSheep gang


Hello, Bobby here. I'm a sports enthusiast and I like to try myself in every sport. I like every ball-game sport and I really like to play outside. Although I'm kinda a joker but still have a good heart and I also help my friends if needed.


Soccer player Bobby

Outdoor sports.


Basketball player Bobby

Invincible Bobby.

BigSheep gang


Hello, my name is Srečko. I'm simple and a little older than the other sheep. I like camping, climbing and picking forest fruits. I'm happiest when I am in nature and fishing. 


Fisherman Lucky

At the lakeside.


Climber Lucky

Climbing in nature.


Scout Lucky

Camping under the stars.

BigSheep gang


Hey, Ula here. I'm motivated, lively and kind. I love dancing, especially ballet. Sometimes I'm also stubborn and headstrong. I like to rollerblade, read fairy tales and draw. 


Bookworm Ula

Story of..


Ballerina Ula

Lessons with Ula.

Tennis player Ula

On the playground with the gang.

Teacher Ula

Lessons with Ula.

BigSheep Valentine

Timi in love.

The first butterflies.


Ula in love

Love at first sight.

BigSheep gang


Hi. My name is Robbie. I like to listen to music and play different instruments. I love to play the guitar because when I grow up I will be a rock star. I like to watch some concerts but even better if I go to see it live. My friends and I often like to play karaoke in my garage or go out together to explore the world.


Guitarist Robbie

My first guitar.


Drummer Robbie

My first drums.